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The MSK Ralph Lauren Center (RLC) offers cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and support services. Since its founding in 2003, the RLC has served the Harlem community and surrounding neighborhoods by providing high-quality care in a warm, welcoming, and culturally sensitive environment. The center has cared for thousands of people, making it a beacon for accessible, compassionate cancer care for residents of Harlem and beyond.

The RLC’s supportive services include a renowned patient navigation program, financial counseling, and an array of other social services. There is also a medically tailored food pantry supplemented with nutritional counseling.

The RLC is highly active in the community. It sponsors health fairs, hosts support groups, and provides free screenings in Harlem.

“As we continue to provide high quality breast cancer screening and diagnosis programs that are aided by the navigator you so generously support, we are looking forward to a major expansion of our breast screening cancer and diagnosis program with the addition of equipment and personnel that will allow more detailed evaluation including biopsy on site.”


1919 Madison Avenue #2, New York, New York 10035
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