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St. Luke’s Hospital Women’s Center is focused on empowering women to manage their breast health and provide every advantage in the fight against breast cancer. We offer a full range of services in state-of-the-art facilities with 3D mammography as our standard of care. There is a dedicated team of breast health professionals which include radiologist, surgeons, women’s health nurse practitioner, nurse navigators and well trained mammography X-ray technicians that provide personalized breast health screenings, evaluation and treatment services. Our program includes a personalized risk assessment at the time of a woman’s annual mammogram to help educate them on their risk of breast cancer and if needed enrollment in our high-risk clinic and genetic counseling with our specialized team to develop an individual risk management care plan.

“Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death in women after heart disease. As a breast surgeon for over 25 years, I am faced with delivering this devastating news on a daily basis. I have seen many advances over the years but if I had to choose one thing that has made the most significant impact in terms of improved outcomes and survival, it is early detection with screening mammograms. The quality of imaging has improved by leaps and bounds to the point where we are able to detect breast cancers when they are only millimeters in size rather than palpable lumps. I have seen so many of my patient’s lives that have been saved by early detection through screening mammograms. It is my belief and that of St. Luke’s Hospital that every woman should have access to breast imaging regardless of ability to pay. Through the generous funds we receive from NBCF we are able to get that much closer to that goal. We cannot thank NBCF enough for their continued support for those in need in our community.” — Nanette K. Wendel, MD, FACS, Medical Director, St. Luke’s Women’s Center


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